Sunday, August 2, 2009

Desaru Longest Triathlon 2009, Completed....

Once more, I'd upgraded my self-proclaimed status from Triathlete to Half Ironman Triathlete, as that Desaru Longest Triathlon 2009 @ 2km swim, 90km bike & 21km run, I'd officially completed the race with an unsuccessful time & unofficial time @ 7hrs 30mins.

But like all of them says, what it matters is completing, & that's what is all matters.

Once I felt my body was no in order, I already told myself to stop pushing & maintain. But Still I bonked out!!

It is a tiring weekend, now I'll need to continue to rest before I post about my experience pre, during & post race for Desaru Longest Triathlon 2009. Photos will be up soon as that I need to get photos from Lydia Tan as well, & once again, my finishing photos is with her. :S

For this race Thanks to Bernard for being the most loyal supporter for this race & also for his sharing of his experiences. I think that Bernard done a much better job than me during his Ironman 2009.

So Bernard, go sign up for IM 2010 & I'll support you to the MAX!!!! WOOHOO!!!