Sunday, June 28, 2009

SCKLM Success!!! Half Completed!!!...

Finally SCKLM was a success & my 1st ever half marathon had completed. I'm fairly satisfied with my 1st ever official timing for a Run race, 2hrs 9mins. Not my PB, but I think that I can always do better. Next timing Target 2hrs for 21km. WOOHOO!!!

28th June 2009, 315am, I woke up (with only less than 5 hrs of sleep, & I'm sleepless). Went downstairs with my Running Vest, & SCKLM Goodie Bag, changed to my running gears, brought water, socks, new clothes, towel, shampoo, soap, slippers, running shoes & a small small pouch bag for my camera & handphone. Then by 345am, I left for Lydia Tan's hse for parking & then boarded Bernard's infamous red Ferrari (Alfa Rome). Once on board, & the way we go, to Dataran Merdeka for SCKLM. Parked at Bernard's special Carpark & then off we went (while wearing my new Running Shoe) Woohoo!!!

But while reaching the race site, IT RAINED!! BUt it was indeed interesting, 5am in the morning, raining & then still the Full Marathoners have to start their race & it was bloody cold. THen waited for about 45mins, then the Half Marathoners was being called to the starting line. Before the race, I was doing my own warm ups, 5 rounds @ the grass grounds & then stretching. By 6am I was @ the starting line & getting ready for the flag off for the Half Marathon. I was really excited!! The feeling is like going for my 1st ever dating with some female speciments. Woohoo!!

Then comes 615am, the flag off!! Started the run with much joyfulness, I told myself, it is a 21km, not 10km & I really need to pace myself if I were to be able to complete my 21km in a proper manner. The started of the run was indeed great, could see so many people running (2800 runners & I was one of them, cool huh?), & I could see so many people starting to attack here & there. Then there was the 1st Flyover, but then then the cones was placed in a weird manner. Then I saw some young chap was running happily & then dodging the cone, but then did not look back properly & made led to a female runner tripped & fell. Very awkward. Anyways, it was my race, I'll just have to look forward. & pace myself.

I was running, then the distance's sign board was very very silly, I was looking at my watch & it says 36mins, but the distance sign board said that I'd reached KM 9. VERY VERY WEIRD!! Still I just kept on my journey in completing my Half. As I was running, I saw another running overtaking me, & he was holding his camera, then I had a glimes in my mind that I'd brought my camera, & I took it out & started to camwhore for abit, shooting myself, shooting behind & even shooting in front. I wanted to shoot more, but the thing is that I was running, & I could only focus on 1 thing, so after about 10mins of playing with my camera, I told myself:"Forget it lar, I just wanna run"...

Prior in reaching Time Square, I saw Dr Rum overtaking me & shouting, COME!!! RUN!!! I got the signal, he wanted me to try to pace his speed. I tried for about 5 mins, then I decided to drop out, as that my legs are starting to gain some pain, & I have about 10 more KM to the finishing line, so.... what can I say, it is just me. But then running in front of Time Square, was very very interesting, but then it was like 730am, FREAK!! So early, not pretty things to see, sigh... :(

Anyways after Time Square, & running along Jalan Imbi, I was still enjoying the run. But then when the route bring me to Mahameru Highway, & then the pain starts, my legs are really in pain, running sole on mental strenghts & momentum of the running pace. that remaining 9km of the Half Marathon was indeed painful!!....

50mins later, I was looking at Dataran Merdeka, I thought that it was just a right turn away, but I was wrong. The Mileage Sign Board was showing 40km, FREAK!! 2 more KM!! This 2km was the longest 2km of my entire running career. Everything hurts, especially my legs!! I was really holding my brain, mental, pain, momentum, pace & even the willing to cross the finishing line.
After a grusome, 2hrs 7mins, finally the finishing line was in sight. The last 500m, I sprinted to the finishing line, then I saw the official timing at the finishing line, @ 2hrs 9mins, I was indeed very happy & GLAD!!! Finally, I'd completed my 1st ever Half Marathon. I shall not shead a tear as that I was too in pain & tired fo even think about other things, especially the cravings for water.

Goodness, now come to think of it, I finished my 1st Half Marathon. Woohoo!!!

I'm very very hapopy with my accomplishments :)

Enough about the details, I'm too tired to think about anything. I think that for now it is sufficient :)

Oh yeah, the Finisher Medal SUCKED!!! Haha!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

1 more day till SCKLM!!

Only 1 more day till SCKLM!! Dang!! I'm both excited & nervous!!! CRAP!!!
21km, here I come!!!


Looking forward for later's Race Kit Collection. Wee!!! I want my Racing Vest!!

Too much carbo today. Sugar High now!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life during Tapering Week...

Oh boy, Tapering week from running is really not an easy task. The tarmac seems to addictive, whenever & where ever I go, I see the tarmac, where is tarmac, I can run. To make things worst, I'd mainly seen people RUNNING!! Just 4 days to SCKLM!! Goodness!! I'm so tempted to run!!

Freak!! Anyways, no matter what come later, I'll be running on a Friday evening for about 5 to 8km, just to get my systems started & all warmed up for SCKLM's Half Marathon. Moreover, I'd been Carbo Loading since Wed night!! FREAK!! Abit worried about over loaded & the lazy worm synmptons gets back to my body system.

Cross-training is what I'd been doing. I'd been cycling more this week, as that after SCKLM, PD Tri comes next. I'm losing my "touch" in my cycling. I'll really need to whack my 40km bike league during PD. I'd only manage to get the power up but not & never the endurance. I sure need to start focusing on my cycling league & also BRICKS!!!

Woohoo!! I so miss Brick Session!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tapering Week?...

OMG!! I'd yet been running, swimming or cycling for since Sunday. Really laying off the tarmac before SCKLM. Tuesday morning's Track works also, eludes me. Gosh!!! Am I already tapering myself? Should I taper for only 21km run? Hmm... I'm itching to do some training just before SCKLM. Argh!! Really undeceive...

I'd really been missing my cycling & swimming. Oh well, since that I'm tapering from Running, I guess that I'll have to bike & swim my heart out for this week. Woohoo!! That's the power of Triathlon. I get to cross train to keep the system pumping & going.

SBR is already part of my life, achieving milestones now & then, bit by bit, are really a satisfaction.

This is a very very short post, because that Tapering week's really nothing interesting to talk about. Oh yeah, the movie "Drag Me To Hell", I won't recommend to any friends. No story life & the only thing that is scary is the bloody sound system.

Oh well, it is just me. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last LSD Before Tapering??...

Saturday Morning, 530am, I woke up, prep & drove to Bkt Aman. Very very lazy mood & body. But still as committed, running is an essential for me for my part of training. Moreover, it is for the preparation of SCKLM, Half Marathon.

Reached Bkt Aman Carpark @ 615am. Meet up with Kevin (So Surprised that he is actually running the Half Marathon) & Celine (not running SCKLM, I think). Started with some warm-ups, stretching & etc, & when the clock hits 630am, & we're off for my last LSD before tapering for SCKLM (I think). Started with a very slow & relaxing pace, as Kev & Cel was around (yet to run with them b4 & I do not know whether could the survive the 20km, but seriously would want to let Kev know how painful is 21km, as he is running 21km). Started very fresh, as usual. prior reaching the turning off to the 10km Double hills route, Kev is showing signs of knee pain (ITB, if I'm not mistaken). The started to take the run really really slow.

Reached Petronas(Sri Hartamas), by myself @ 1hrs 20mins, a very slow & really relaxing pace. Kev & Cel reached Petronas @ about 1hr 45mins. Then, I'd have a chat with them in regards of their experience of running their 1st 20km. Both of them said share the same agreement, PAIN!! Trust me, I know. I'd been there (& all of those runner now, that started running many years back) & I learnt it the hard way. Around 8am, we decide to start our journey back to Bkt Aman from Sri Hartamas (a whole good 10km). I started slow with them, & then Kev asked me to to run ahead. I was running @ my own pace from Sri Hartamas till the Government Buildings just before crossing Jalan Duta, then I stopped for awhile, to have a 3mins break before continuing the rest of the journey back.

This run was very boring & nothing much to see, as that I was running most of the distance alone & pacing at a much slower pace. But still it was indeed some satisfaction. :)

Oh well, now in office again, brushing up with some new product knowledge & also learning how to use the system in retriving information.

Gosh, really tired & I want to sleep. Oh well, after I want go home & SLEEP!! Sleep like a pig...


Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Slow Track Works...

Reason being for another slow track work is because of my shins, especially the right shin. Feeling very stiff & also pain during the start of any distance run, but it gets lesser when the mileage comes (because other parts of the body, especially the legs are in pain). Well, this round, Coach only required me to do a slow & easy grass field run again. But this time @ 30mins. After that, I'm done. No solid ground 300m, 600m or 800m pacing speed run.

I know my body & I believe Coach knows the pain that I'm feeling as well, that's why I'm given a slow run session, rather than a hard 1. Although that I would love to do the Hard Run, but I do also need to listen to my body, especially my legs. Won't want to hurt myself before SCKLM. Although that I'm not aiming for anything, just that I don't know why, I'm kind of taking SCKLM quite seriously. As in wanted to finish the Half Marathon & still look fresh & go do what I do best, be the "annoying" thing disturbing others. One of the reason is that, but the main reason is that, this is my very 1st Half Marathon run, & I'd not a runner (Just started running since Oct 2008 - in preparation for Powerman 2008).

For me, to be able to accomplish a Half Marathon, it is very very satisfiying achievement, :)

Oh yeah, this time, the running group suddenly becomes HUGE!! There was, Carrie, Myself, Mich, IronBee Jie Jie, Tomatoman, Dr. Rum, Purrjen & Coach!! Gosh!!! 1st time man....
THG is really coming back into action already...

Can't wait for the weekend for the last couple of LSD runs, before tapering down for the SCKLM!!...

Run, Run, Run & Run!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Recovery Track Works...

Tuesday, 5am the phone alarm went off, I lazed still on my bed (As I'm having a restless night, not being able to sleep well, for the too heavy dinner) till 530am, & got off bed. With my lazy feet & body, i dragged myself to the closet, & walk downstairs sleepiness to clean-up, pack-up & "slap" myself to wake-up & drove all the way to Kg Pandan Track & Field Stadium for the usual track works.

Upon reaching (Oh great, I'm 20mins later than usual, 620am reach the stadium), I can already see Coach Tony is stretching with Carrie, after the usual grass field slow jog @ 5rounds for warm-up. Then I knew, I was late!! FREAK!! Anyways, I'd prep'ed myself & then went straight to the grass field & started off with my warm-ups. 5 Rounds of slow jog as required. Then, I did my own warm-up stretching & routine. Finishing that, then comes the drills.

1st Drill was 5 x 300m @ 100m break endurance run, with the last 100m opening up for momentum. Before starting this routine, I was telling Coach that my right shin is suffering some pain, as that I'm very worried for a Shin Splints, too fast too soon on intensity & impact. Very worried as SCKLIM is just 2 weeks away!! But still, Coach expressed concern about it, & I decided to try out for the 1st 3 sets. Guess what, I manage to finish all 5 sets of them. Cool!! But indeed will pay the price for over-training / over-worked the shin. Will then massage the shin with oilment & counterpain to relieve the pain. (Sure hope it will work).

I thought that the 2nd Drill will surely put a toll in my body, & guess what, 6 sets of Hour-Glass run @ the Grass Field with Mich & IronBee Jie Jie (Thank God for that, as that I get to still run my heart out @ a much much softer ground). I was indeed great to run with the IronLadies (Both of them Ironman 2009 Finishers). They kept me motivated & controlled my pace & speed. Such dependable training partners & friends :). During the Grass Field drills, Then comes Dr. Rum, to kick start his very 1st Track works with us. So happy to see him training again (As that he will be leaving for HK for his job requires him to be station there permenantly). Dr. Rum is really the speedy gonzales of THG (President as well), Man, he can really really run!!!

Oh yeah, not to forget about Carrie, had not been writing about her 1st track works as well. I can see from far, her 1st ever Track works is a real torture for her. She is having a issues to get her heart rate to recovered with only 200m of resting period before the next set of 600m Track works. Also from a far, can really see that Carrie is a true & pure breed Heel-Striker Runner. Man, she really need to change this running style if she is to improve & also to minimize the risk of injuries on her hips, knees, ankles, shin & etc. Well, I'd already highlighted to Coach, I believe that he will be able to talk & train her out of this. :)

Oh yeah, upon finishing all the drills, & cooling down from the run, Oh My God!! It is already 735am!! SHOOT!! I'm gonna be late for work!! With the fastest showering speed & changing of clothes, I'd manage to leave the Stadium & travel to office by 740am. (Phew, Still make it). Even though the speed was that fast still the Morning Traffic in Malaysia is REALLY A PAIN!!!...

Despite saving all the showering & changing time, I still can only reach office by 830am!! A whole 50mins of traveling time!! Compared to last week, it only took me 20mins to reach office from Kg Pandan, KL to Wisma LYL, PJ.

Sigh, what to do about KL's traffic...

Have to really reflect on what are we not doing to make this a better place to stay.

Oh well, today's training is really a fun thing to do & will look forward for tonight's PCC Tuesday usual 26km Ride. :) Woohoo!! Cycling Again!!...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Suffering 20km... Dang!!!

Sunday, the last day of the week (differs, as to some is the 1st day of the week, for me is Last Day of the week), supposing to be the best day of the entire week for everyone right? Sunday means sleeping long long hours, go dating with loved ones ("Paktor" for Boy-Girl friends), spend time with family & the list goes on & on. For me, it is always been the usual (ever since that I'd made the decision to focus on my run this year), LSD run at the usual spot, Bkt Aman.

In the past, the usual suspects of mine is Lydia Tan (the Bossy Princess Training Partner), but it would seems that ever since when Bernard is bring her to all to the off-road thingy (Xterra, MTB & Camping), my time & company had been some how... Hmm, I don't know, "minimize"? But anyways, since Lydia is not around anymore these days for me to disturb, then guess that I'll need to go "disturb" other unlucky people around, sigh. For this week, the most unlucky friend of mine is Carrie. She wanted to run soooo bad till it worries me about her getting injuries on her legs. But still, regardless of anything, Sunday (Today) is my LSD training after 2 session of Track Works, it is time to gain & pump up the mileage once more. Today is a wonderful day, Haze's almost gone, Woohoo!!! Lovely day to run hard, strong & 70% race pace.

Woke up 530am (Morning call from Carrie @ 5am), prep'ed & then drove to Pandan Perdana to pick up Carrie & the off we went to Bkt Aman. Reached Bkt Aman @ 630am. Upon reaching the car park, all the runners had officially left the meeting point (ARGH!! Late once again!!!) After 5mins of scouting, finally managed to parked the car. Suit up (wear shoes) quick & fast warm-up & off we (Carrie & I) went. Not aiming to chase anyone or anything, we started slow & 50% effort & @ a much faster cadence on the running momentum. I have a slow & steady start (@ my pace of course). I was maintaining my pace, while giving encouragement & motivation to Carrie (only for the 1st 15km). Then, I just went on with my own pace & momentum, of course, I'd always turn back or look back to spot & check up on Carrie. With some resting time & moments in between, I was able to reach Hartamas Petronas in 63mins. @ the 70mins Carrie reach.

I was pacing @ a very very comfortable pace. Along the way, I was very fresh, happy & even Loud!!! During the entire 1st 10km, I manage to see heaps of training friends like Mich, IronBee Jie Jie, Dr. Ray, Matoman, the Legendary Ultraman Steven Yip, Lee & Wife, John & Wai Mun, Debbie, Pathma, & most respectable runner Master Ngae @ his recovery run (with his harmonica). I was really enjoying my 1st league of the run. But then, due to waiting for Carrie & for her safety as well, I rested for almost 13mins. After that rest, when resuming the run back to Bkt Aman Carpark, I can somehow feel the fatigue, but I can still bare with it. But when I'd almost reach the government building off Jalan Duta, my worst enemy, HUNGER, came in action to further demotivate & distrupt me momentum & pace. GOSH!!! I'm totally running @ negative glucose level & burning insulators. MY GOD!!! It was suffering!!!! It was sooo annoying till I have to walk the last 2km back, which is something I'm not proud of!!! FREAK!!!

This run, me & Carrie left out the most important thing is to bring money for emergency & to get food if hungry. Still thank God for the tap water along the way for a fast & quick splash & refill of water bottle, for me to survive this 20km. I can always finish 20km, but my greatest enemy is HUNGER!!! Lesson learnt for today is, eat something light & bring some money during LSD, just in case of hunger & in need of food. Best finishing time for 20km(training @ 2hrs), today's 20km to me is a serious disappointment (training @ 2hrs 35mins) MAN!!! It is really slow!!! Oh well, when I reached my car, the 1st thing for me to do is the POWERBAR!!! Goodness, it was soo delicious!!!! Re-energize, waited for Carrie to return to the car, cooldown & stretching after the run & then Shower!!!

After shower, I was Choi CC (Saucony guy), he brought the C2 Roadster shoes for me to try out!!, he permits me to test it for a split sec. MAN!!! It felt really really good!!! Decided to get this shoe & give it a try, as that my old Ascis is almost @ its life span @ the sole, will repair it for track works, alternating with the Adidas. Gosh!! Can't wait to get my 1st pay cheque from my new company & spend it on the shoe. All had been planned & drafted out, I have the extra to spend for the shoe (including expenses, commitment payoff, money for home & savings).

Gosh!! Excited about the shoe!!!

Then went branch @ Chinese Village with Team THG & then Time Square for Movie & then Home, FB, edit photos & till now.

I'm soooo tired!!!!!

Time to crash!!! Till my new week's training menu's out.... Peace!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Thursday was indeed a training day for me. Went running early in the morning (530am) for a 3.2km Speedworks training. Already taken the toll in the body for the thighs, carfts, & torso. Then, I was smart enough, after work I went straight to TTDI meet up with Kevin, Shang & Keong for a cycling session @ KSH TTDI to Bird Park & back @ 36km, Fast & Furious Pace (Thanks to Shang, for his plan @ 10pm he has to be back in TTDI for his appointment with his wife).

Oh well, what the heck, since that there's only 4 of us riding, why not just do an easy ride, which then ended up whacking for 60% of the route, especially the uphills!!! Each time when I reach the hill, the 1st thing that ran in my mind was "what the heck I got myself in too?" Thighs, Hamstrings & Crafts are suffering symptoms of "cramping". At that point I have the feeling, that's it for me if i cramp. SHOOT!!! But what surprises me is that, No Cramps, & the thing that surprises me even more is that my heart rate!! It was maintaining & not spiking up!!

Then I tell myself, "Man, I'm fresh!! I can really RIDE!!!". Once that Cramping moment has just left my system, I started whacking all the hills, with a much fast cadence & maintaining the cadence speed @ 70 to 80 RPM (I think). Man oh Man, ride was indeed FUN!!! It only took us 40mins to reach Bird Park (climbing each hills) & then it took us another 40mins to reach back TTDI!! Total riding spend @ 80mins plus!! FREAK!!! REALLY FAST!!!!!

From Kev, I heard that our average speed was only 23kmph!! DANG!! That Sucked!! Oh well, Riding with flats & hills are like so I guess. Guess will need to talk to cyclist about this, & get time to explain to me what does the figures means to me. HAHA!!!

Oh well, here's the post running & riding review for Thursday:
  1. Shin Hurts
  2. Craft Muscles Sore
  3. Thigh Muscles (both inner & outer thigh) Sore
  4. Hamstring Muscles Sore
  5. Waist Muscles Sore
  6. Upper Body / Torso Sore
  7. Back Muscles Sore
  8. Shoulder Muscles Sore
Dang, Sometimes I do wonder, why do I do this? Although that Pain Is Pleasure, but still I ask myself this question whenever I'm doing my post running & cycling reviews...

Hmm... ...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Track Works Session 2...

Finally, I am able to get up at 530am on Thursday Morning for the Kg Pandan Track & Field Stadium for Trainings. Woohoo!! Excited, because I'm now changing my sleeping time at night. "Crashing" at about 11pm latest to get a solid 6 to 7hrs sleep & rest for the next day's daily routine.

Back to today, as usual, I'll prepare for my running gears together with working attire& then drive off from home to Kg Pandan Track & Field Stadium for the newly planned Tuesday & Thursday Morning Track Works. Upon my reaching to the stadium, I was a little surprised that Coach Tony was already doing him warm-ups at the Grass Field (which is much earlier than me). Then my priority is to change as soon as I can, wished him "Good Morning" & off I went with my warm-ups with Coach around the Field for about 3 rounds. Then, IronBee Jie Jie came & following by Mich.

Once I finished my warm-ups (slow jog around the field & some short stretching) Coach kick started my training:
  1. The "Appetizer" of 300m with the Last 100m Dash @ 100m Recover @ 3 sets,
  2. The "Main Course" was 600m with the last 100m Dash @ 200m Recover @ 2 sets,
  3. 2nd "Main Course" following behind was 300m with last 100m Dash @ 100m Recover @ 3 sets,
  4. The "Dessert" was 800m with last 100m Dash @ 1st 400m Pace IronBee Jie Jie's Running cadence, speed & rhythm. (IronBee Jie Jie can REALLY REALLY RUN!!!!)
  5. Finally comes the warm down (Stretching, Push-ups, Planks & Arch).
With that I'd yet again complete a total distance of 3.2km of speedworks & track training. Man, I'm really feeling the stress from IronBee Jie Jie & Mich, this 2 lovely ladies can really really really run!!! IronBee Jie Jie is already at her sub 55mins for 10km & Mich is already a podium finished in most of her races @ her age category. Seriously, I'm feeling the stress already!!!

Man, I'm also worried about my PD OD Tri, Desaru Longest Tri, Powerman, Putrajaya OD Tri & Singapore International Marathon.... ARGH!!! Too much work to be done & too little time!!!

Oh well, guess that I'll have to work @ the list slowly & step-by-step. So the 1st thing in mind would be SCKLIM's Half Marathon. I'm ready to complete the race already, just that I'm now thinking whether should I be concentrating on my timing for SCKLIM.. Hmm...

I wonder... ...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memory Flash Back...

As usual I'd always have the tendency of turning on my PC whenever I got home from work, from outing or even I have nothing to do, & the usual routine is, Firefox, MSN, & then Windows Media Player. MSN for chatting & disturbing, Media Player is to keep me entertained, & FB is just a loitering place.

Today, it is no different. But in FB something really made my day. A friend of mine, Esther Yap (Secondary & Uni Junior of mine) posted an album "Nostalgic New Zealand 04", & she tagged me in of her photos. When I took a look at the photos, I was like "stunned" & got the shocked of my life. Looking back to the photos, I'd really came a long way since then. Back in 2004, I was already a "round dude", & imagine back in August 2008 I was even rounder (ask Lydia Tan, & those PIC 08 Participants, I was @ 85kgs back then, now 15kgs lesser). But the main point is that not of the weight, but of the memories that the photos reminded me.

As I was glancing through her photo album in FB, I too was browsing back to my own photos collections back in 2004. It was really inspiring & really brings back all the memories from the past. From happy ones to sad one, from sweet ones to bitter ones, from excitement one to boring ones. All of it, & somehow i'm getting all emotional & excited about it. Never had these kind of feelings before. Hmm... Interesting...

Oh well, since that everyone (I think everyone) is back in KL, all i have to do is to organize a get together event, & all is good. Get to revisit all the memories again.

Can't wait till July where most of them are back from working abroad... Seriously, can't wait..

Track Works... Nice!!!

After 2 weeks of not being able to get up from bed to join Coach Tony, Mich & IronBee Jie Jie for their usual Tuesday & Thursday Morning 630am track works training on running, finally, this lovely morning @ 530am I actually manage to get out of bed, prepared all my running gears, office attire, water bottle, shampoo & soap, & all the necessity for after training's clean up section.

Like I said, I woke up @ 530am, lazed around in bed & then actually got out of bed & prep. Then, wished my mom good morning, & tell her that i'll go to work straight after training, & I'm off to Kg Pandan Track & Field Stadium. Early morning drive is really interesting, as that most of the people are sound asleep, enjoying their best moment of their hibernation period, & I'm driving all the way from PJ to KL just to train. Cool huh?... :)

Reach the stadium @ 615am (only 15mins of driving from PJ to KL without jam, Interesting right), reluctantly I put on my running shoe (AdiZero Racer), while I was just about to get on the track to do my own warm-ups, I as Mich arriving in her CLK (Cute Little Kelisa), greeted her & then talk talk abit before IronBee Jie Jie arrive as well, the lastly following by Coach Tony. Went in Straight to the track, did a 5 loop slow jog in the grass field, & then my training menu started.

My drills are very simple (Yeah, Right) 1st off, as appetizer 3 laps of 50m dash & slow jog back to starting point, after that, the comes straight the "main course" 600m run @ maintaining pace @ 3mins pace for 5 sets, & happily I was running my 1st set @ a 2mins35sec pace (very smart), as the set started to count, so did my time, from 2mins35sec till I think I finish my last set @ 3min15sec pace (FREAK!! No consistency!. Man, I am really feeling all of my "dinner" from last night (wanted to puke dy), I can't even talk properly. FREAK!!! After the 600m set, I was given a short 5 mins break (400m slow run), & the 2nd "main course" was 300m dash with 100m recovery. PLEASE!! Can anyone murder me!!! Really taking a toll in the body.After all that, then comes "Dessert", another 3 laps 50m dash to finish today's training & then warm-down, before heading for the showers.

In total, I'd done track works training @ 3km pacing works, 600m dashing & then 3 laps of 100m dash. To sum it up, 3.7km total of Speedworks & Sprint!!! Man, I'm losing my mind. HAHAHA!!

After that, Cleaned up & then rushed to work in PJ!!.. Cool huh?... Haha!!!

Oh yeah, later tonight I'll be cycling @ PCC's TTDI 26km route, hope to really WHACK!!!...

Will then post about it, in terms of the body condition..

WOOHOO!! Training is FUN!!! YEAH!!!