Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last LSD Before Tapering??...

Saturday Morning, 530am, I woke up, prep & drove to Bkt Aman. Very very lazy mood & body. But still as committed, running is an essential for me for my part of training. Moreover, it is for the preparation of SCKLM, Half Marathon.

Reached Bkt Aman Carpark @ 615am. Meet up with Kevin (So Surprised that he is actually running the Half Marathon) & Celine (not running SCKLM, I think). Started with some warm-ups, stretching & etc, & when the clock hits 630am, & we're off for my last LSD before tapering for SCKLM (I think). Started with a very slow & relaxing pace, as Kev & Cel was around (yet to run with them b4 & I do not know whether could the survive the 20km, but seriously would want to let Kev know how painful is 21km, as he is running 21km). Started very fresh, as usual. prior reaching the turning off to the 10km Double hills route, Kev is showing signs of knee pain (ITB, if I'm not mistaken). The started to take the run really really slow.

Reached Petronas(Sri Hartamas), by myself @ 1hrs 20mins, a very slow & really relaxing pace. Kev & Cel reached Petronas @ about 1hr 45mins. Then, I'd have a chat with them in regards of their experience of running their 1st 20km. Both of them said share the same agreement, PAIN!! Trust me, I know. I'd been there (& all of those runner now, that started running many years back) & I learnt it the hard way. Around 8am, we decide to start our journey back to Bkt Aman from Sri Hartamas (a whole good 10km). I started slow with them, & then Kev asked me to to run ahead. I was running @ my own pace from Sri Hartamas till the Government Buildings just before crossing Jalan Duta, then I stopped for awhile, to have a 3mins break before continuing the rest of the journey back.

This run was very boring & nothing much to see, as that I was running most of the distance alone & pacing at a much slower pace. But still it was indeed some satisfaction. :)

Oh well, now in office again, brushing up with some new product knowledge & also learning how to use the system in retriving information.

Gosh, really tired & I want to sleep. Oh well, after I want go home & SLEEP!! Sleep like a pig...


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