Sunday, June 28, 2009

SCKLM Success!!! Half Completed!!!...

Finally SCKLM was a success & my 1st ever half marathon had completed. I'm fairly satisfied with my 1st ever official timing for a Run race, 2hrs 9mins. Not my PB, but I think that I can always do better. Next timing Target 2hrs for 21km. WOOHOO!!!

28th June 2009, 315am, I woke up (with only less than 5 hrs of sleep, & I'm sleepless). Went downstairs with my Running Vest, & SCKLM Goodie Bag, changed to my running gears, brought water, socks, new clothes, towel, shampoo, soap, slippers, running shoes & a small small pouch bag for my camera & handphone. Then by 345am, I left for Lydia Tan's hse for parking & then boarded Bernard's infamous red Ferrari (Alfa Rome). Once on board, & the way we go, to Dataran Merdeka for SCKLM. Parked at Bernard's special Carpark & then off we went (while wearing my new Running Shoe) Woohoo!!!

But while reaching the race site, IT RAINED!! BUt it was indeed interesting, 5am in the morning, raining & then still the Full Marathoners have to start their race & it was bloody cold. THen waited for about 45mins, then the Half Marathoners was being called to the starting line. Before the race, I was doing my own warm ups, 5 rounds @ the grass grounds & then stretching. By 6am I was @ the starting line & getting ready for the flag off for the Half Marathon. I was really excited!! The feeling is like going for my 1st ever dating with some female speciments. Woohoo!!

Then comes 615am, the flag off!! Started the run with much joyfulness, I told myself, it is a 21km, not 10km & I really need to pace myself if I were to be able to complete my 21km in a proper manner. The started of the run was indeed great, could see so many people running (2800 runners & I was one of them, cool huh?), & I could see so many people starting to attack here & there. Then there was the 1st Flyover, but then then the cones was placed in a weird manner. Then I saw some young chap was running happily & then dodging the cone, but then did not look back properly & made led to a female runner tripped & fell. Very awkward. Anyways, it was my race, I'll just have to look forward. & pace myself.

I was running, then the distance's sign board was very very silly, I was looking at my watch & it says 36mins, but the distance sign board said that I'd reached KM 9. VERY VERY WEIRD!! Still I just kept on my journey in completing my Half. As I was running, I saw another running overtaking me, & he was holding his camera, then I had a glimes in my mind that I'd brought my camera, & I took it out & started to camwhore for abit, shooting myself, shooting behind & even shooting in front. I wanted to shoot more, but the thing is that I was running, & I could only focus on 1 thing, so after about 10mins of playing with my camera, I told myself:"Forget it lar, I just wanna run"...

Prior in reaching Time Square, I saw Dr Rum overtaking me & shouting, COME!!! RUN!!! I got the signal, he wanted me to try to pace his speed. I tried for about 5 mins, then I decided to drop out, as that my legs are starting to gain some pain, & I have about 10 more KM to the finishing line, so.... what can I say, it is just me. But then running in front of Time Square, was very very interesting, but then it was like 730am, FREAK!! So early, not pretty things to see, sigh... :(

Anyways after Time Square, & running along Jalan Imbi, I was still enjoying the run. But then when the route bring me to Mahameru Highway, & then the pain starts, my legs are really in pain, running sole on mental strenghts & momentum of the running pace. that remaining 9km of the Half Marathon was indeed painful!!....

50mins later, I was looking at Dataran Merdeka, I thought that it was just a right turn away, but I was wrong. The Mileage Sign Board was showing 40km, FREAK!! 2 more KM!! This 2km was the longest 2km of my entire running career. Everything hurts, especially my legs!! I was really holding my brain, mental, pain, momentum, pace & even the willing to cross the finishing line.
After a grusome, 2hrs 7mins, finally the finishing line was in sight. The last 500m, I sprinted to the finishing line, then I saw the official timing at the finishing line, @ 2hrs 9mins, I was indeed very happy & GLAD!!! Finally, I'd completed my 1st ever Half Marathon. I shall not shead a tear as that I was too in pain & tired fo even think about other things, especially the cravings for water.

Goodness, now come to think of it, I finished my 1st Half Marathon. Woohoo!!!

I'm very very hapopy with my accomplishments :)

Enough about the details, I'm too tired to think about anything. I think that for now it is sufficient :)

Oh yeah, the Finisher Medal SUCKED!!! Haha!!!!

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