Friday, June 12, 2009


Thursday was indeed a training day for me. Went running early in the morning (530am) for a 3.2km Speedworks training. Already taken the toll in the body for the thighs, carfts, & torso. Then, I was smart enough, after work I went straight to TTDI meet up with Kevin, Shang & Keong for a cycling session @ KSH TTDI to Bird Park & back @ 36km, Fast & Furious Pace (Thanks to Shang, for his plan @ 10pm he has to be back in TTDI for his appointment with his wife).

Oh well, what the heck, since that there's only 4 of us riding, why not just do an easy ride, which then ended up whacking for 60% of the route, especially the uphills!!! Each time when I reach the hill, the 1st thing that ran in my mind was "what the heck I got myself in too?" Thighs, Hamstrings & Crafts are suffering symptoms of "cramping". At that point I have the feeling, that's it for me if i cramp. SHOOT!!! But what surprises me is that, No Cramps, & the thing that surprises me even more is that my heart rate!! It was maintaining & not spiking up!!

Then I tell myself, "Man, I'm fresh!! I can really RIDE!!!". Once that Cramping moment has just left my system, I started whacking all the hills, with a much fast cadence & maintaining the cadence speed @ 70 to 80 RPM (I think). Man oh Man, ride was indeed FUN!!! It only took us 40mins to reach Bird Park (climbing each hills) & then it took us another 40mins to reach back TTDI!! Total riding spend @ 80mins plus!! FREAK!!! REALLY FAST!!!!!

From Kev, I heard that our average speed was only 23kmph!! DANG!! That Sucked!! Oh well, Riding with flats & hills are like so I guess. Guess will need to talk to cyclist about this, & get time to explain to me what does the figures means to me. HAHA!!!

Oh well, here's the post running & riding review for Thursday:
  1. Shin Hurts
  2. Craft Muscles Sore
  3. Thigh Muscles (both inner & outer thigh) Sore
  4. Hamstring Muscles Sore
  5. Waist Muscles Sore
  6. Upper Body / Torso Sore
  7. Back Muscles Sore
  8. Shoulder Muscles Sore
Dang, Sometimes I do wonder, why do I do this? Although that Pain Is Pleasure, but still I ask myself this question whenever I'm doing my post running & cycling reviews...

Hmm... ...

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