Thursday, June 11, 2009

Track Works Session 2...

Finally, I am able to get up at 530am on Thursday Morning for the Kg Pandan Track & Field Stadium for Trainings. Woohoo!! Excited, because I'm now changing my sleeping time at night. "Crashing" at about 11pm latest to get a solid 6 to 7hrs sleep & rest for the next day's daily routine.

Back to today, as usual, I'll prepare for my running gears together with working attire& then drive off from home to Kg Pandan Track & Field Stadium for the newly planned Tuesday & Thursday Morning Track Works. Upon my reaching to the stadium, I was a little surprised that Coach Tony was already doing him warm-ups at the Grass Field (which is much earlier than me). Then my priority is to change as soon as I can, wished him "Good Morning" & off I went with my warm-ups with Coach around the Field for about 3 rounds. Then, IronBee Jie Jie came & following by Mich.

Once I finished my warm-ups (slow jog around the field & some short stretching) Coach kick started my training:
  1. The "Appetizer" of 300m with the Last 100m Dash @ 100m Recover @ 3 sets,
  2. The "Main Course" was 600m with the last 100m Dash @ 200m Recover @ 2 sets,
  3. 2nd "Main Course" following behind was 300m with last 100m Dash @ 100m Recover @ 3 sets,
  4. The "Dessert" was 800m with last 100m Dash @ 1st 400m Pace IronBee Jie Jie's Running cadence, speed & rhythm. (IronBee Jie Jie can REALLY REALLY RUN!!!!)
  5. Finally comes the warm down (Stretching, Push-ups, Planks & Arch).
With that I'd yet again complete a total distance of 3.2km of speedworks & track training. Man, I'm really feeling the stress from IronBee Jie Jie & Mich, this 2 lovely ladies can really really really run!!! IronBee Jie Jie is already at her sub 55mins for 10km & Mich is already a podium finished in most of her races @ her age category. Seriously, I'm feeling the stress already!!!

Man, I'm also worried about my PD OD Tri, Desaru Longest Tri, Powerman, Putrajaya OD Tri & Singapore International Marathon.... ARGH!!! Too much work to be done & too little time!!!

Oh well, guess that I'll have to work @ the list slowly & step-by-step. So the 1st thing in mind would be SCKLIM's Half Marathon. I'm ready to complete the race already, just that I'm now thinking whether should I be concentrating on my timing for SCKLIM.. Hmm...

I wonder... ...

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