Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life during Tapering Week...

Oh boy, Tapering week from running is really not an easy task. The tarmac seems to addictive, whenever & where ever I go, I see the tarmac, where is tarmac, I can run. To make things worst, I'd mainly seen people RUNNING!! Just 4 days to SCKLM!! Goodness!! I'm so tempted to run!!

Freak!! Anyways, no matter what come later, I'll be running on a Friday evening for about 5 to 8km, just to get my systems started & all warmed up for SCKLM's Half Marathon. Moreover, I'd been Carbo Loading since Wed night!! FREAK!! Abit worried about over loaded & the lazy worm synmptons gets back to my body system.

Cross-training is what I'd been doing. I'd been cycling more this week, as that after SCKLM, PD Tri comes next. I'm losing my "touch" in my cycling. I'll really need to whack my 40km bike league during PD. I'd only manage to get the power up but not & never the endurance. I sure need to start focusing on my cycling league & also BRICKS!!!

Woohoo!! I so miss Brick Session!!!

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