Monday, June 22, 2009

Tapering Week?...

OMG!! I'd yet been running, swimming or cycling for since Sunday. Really laying off the tarmac before SCKLM. Tuesday morning's Track works also, eludes me. Gosh!!! Am I already tapering myself? Should I taper for only 21km run? Hmm... I'm itching to do some training just before SCKLM. Argh!! Really undeceive...

I'd really been missing my cycling & swimming. Oh well, since that I'm tapering from Running, I guess that I'll have to bike & swim my heart out for this week. Woohoo!! That's the power of Triathlon. I get to cross train to keep the system pumping & going.

SBR is already part of my life, achieving milestones now & then, bit by bit, are really a satisfaction.

This is a very very short post, because that Tapering week's really nothing interesting to talk about. Oh yeah, the movie "Drag Me To Hell", I won't recommend to any friends. No story life & the only thing that is scary is the bloody sound system.

Oh well, it is just me. :)

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