Thursday, January 21, 2010

NB20km, PB?...

Yeah, It's done... 8 weeks without proper training, I still manage to complete the entire course, without stopping for a lazy walk (Well, only slowed down @ the water stations). Honestly, I'd not been getting in shape for the since Desaru 2009 & Powerman Sprint 2009. Really had been lazing off the pool, bike & running shoes, growing once more of the belly monster within me, again!!

However, NB20km run proves me wrong!! I thought that, "Oh Great, 20km of race, without even attempting to train well for it, I'm going to suffer, & suffer BIG TIME!!!". Yet it surprises me!! I was running quite comfortably, well for the 1st 10km of course. The next 10km (or less) was indeed the most painful time of the entire run!!...

It all started @ 445am, when I woke up, prep & drove to Lydia's Condo & then parked & waited for Bernard & his ride. 540am, Bernard's Red Car reached. Got on & sped off to Padang Merbok (Usual weekend running spot). Then took a slow walk to the starting line, find food (Powerbars) & water. Mingle around with Mich, Debbie, found Kevin & the race flagged off @ 630am sharp. As usual, I have heaps of energy @ the start of the race, making the MOST NOISE, annoying people, just practically being an arse during the race.

Paced Bernard for awhile, then Bernard Sped off, then @ 7th KM, Kev's turn to speed off, chasing down Bernard. I was pushing already at that point of time!! Gosh!! The hills are freaky, obviously freaky!! Its like merciless!! However, though that course IS hilly, yet I don't feel that much dyhyrdated as much as I used to be during trainings. Ran as I went, Pace as I went, Pacing myself, Pacing other runners, & of course pacing @ a pace to chase down other runners, may it be 30km, 20km or even 10km.

Running 20km without proper training is seriously not a good idea!! The pain started @ about 15th KM, knees were feeling the pain, hips were starting, Blisters too!! ARGH!!! This shows that my body had slowly forgotten about how the pain feels like. Sigh...

However, by the time 829am, there I was, crossing the finish line, greeted by Super Runner Ben, Singapore. A Nicely taken photo @ the finish line (FINALLY!!)...

Counted back, I believe that I did a PB for this run. 1hrs 59mins (I think, based on my watch's timing, not official though). After that, I'd indulge myself with Heaps of water, fruits, some can drink & of course, took a long & painful walk back to the car.

Then, had brunch with Bernard & Lydia @ O&S. The Yee Mee Soup & Chee Cheong Fun was indeed the best remedy after a long & painful run.

Reached Home @ 11am. Bathe & then Rest!!...

PB for 20km without proper training? Hmm... Sounds too good to be true. Lets wait till the official timing. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

OMG!!! I'm finding it really really hard to get back on the tarmac once more!! Been laying everything off for too long & too lazing around... 2010 1st Brick was @ last Tuesday, 1st ever 10km @ Double Hills @ last Saturday.

Now it is already Monday, & 6 more days till NB20km run. Running Mileage, yet to exceed 20km since 2009 Oct... OMG!!!

What to do?.. ARGH!!! I do salute those other triathletes that till now had never slowed down or layed off their training, even for a little bit!! Gosh!! Where do they find their motivation??

Anyways, I'd been really laying back & growing fat (Yes, I put on weight again, ARGH!! But still controllable), I'd been reading once more the Famous Hong Kong Comic Book, Storm Warriors!!

Finally had the chance to read everything since Season 1.... Gosh, reminds me of my childhood, which is to GROW FAT!!! ERR!!!

Oh well, back to work.... :P