Monday, January 11, 2010

OMG!!! I'm finding it really really hard to get back on the tarmac once more!! Been laying everything off for too long & too lazing around... 2010 1st Brick was @ last Tuesday, 1st ever 10km @ Double Hills @ last Saturday.

Now it is already Monday, & 6 more days till NB20km run. Running Mileage, yet to exceed 20km since 2009 Oct... OMG!!!

What to do?.. ARGH!!! I do salute those other triathletes that till now had never slowed down or layed off their training, even for a little bit!! Gosh!! Where do they find their motivation??

Anyways, I'd been really laying back & growing fat (Yes, I put on weight again, ARGH!! But still controllable), I'd been reading once more the Famous Hong Kong Comic Book, Storm Warriors!!

Finally had the chance to read everything since Season 1.... Gosh, reminds me of my childhood, which is to GROW FAT!!! ERR!!!

Oh well, back to work.... :P

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