Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Humour?? Haha!!!

I just came a cross something interesting from a fellow friend of mine.

An alternate version of Jingle Bell (relate to cycling)....
(Only lyrics, so you have to sing yourself)

Here it goes:
Dashing through the road
On a broken pair of spoke
Screaming as I go
Ramming into poles (boom boom boom)
The snow's now soaking red
and I think I'm almost dead
Someone call red cross
'cause I need a hospital bed

hey jingle bell.. jingle hell...

HAHA!!! Great Laugh!!! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All I Want For Christmas From Santa Is......

It's been 5 days late, Sigh.... Been awfully busy with work since that everyone in the office is on their year end leave.... But still Christmas is for 12days... I think that I can still wish for something, right?.... :P

Well, it is that time of the year once more. Each year, I'd always try to get me something, may it be small or meaningless. Just to get the festive season started on... (Silly huh?)

However, for this year, I'm getting & feeling very very greedy!! I don't have the sufficient $$ to get myself things like these. But all of them are already in my Wishlist!!! I sure hope that Santa can bring my gifts:

A New Racing Bike, A Black Carbon Bike, with a set of Black High profile Carbon Wheels, Ultegra SL Black Group Set, Carbon Pedals & New pair of Black Roadie Cycling Shoes, & a New Black Roadie Helmet.

New Cycling Jerseys & Pants

New Tri-suit, Tri Top.

New pair of Shades.

New Mobile Phone.

Additional Lens for my Camera (18 -105mm, 50mm, & maybe 70-300mm), Speedlite, a Pro Adapted for the camera body.

Finally, to hope that everything that has happened at home will all be sorted out. Everything is just not in place.

Oh well, all I can do is hope for...

Come on, even a guy can wish for something right?...


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Equipments & Gears

Come to think of it, its already been 1 year since my very 1st Triathlon event back in 2008 @ Desaru. Boy, that memory still lives deep & refreshing each & everytime it think about it. :)

Since that today is yet another unproductive day for myself in office (just before I forced myself into my office working mode) I'd decide to post this post about the equipments & gears that I'd been using for both my training & racing for the past 1 year. I was quite surprises that without "Chun" Bike, Stylo Cycling Gears, Stylo Tri Gears, Stylo Running Appearls & Stylo Swim Gears, I think that I'd really come quite a long way till today.

1st Lets introduce the Swim Wear & Gears:
TYR Goggles

TYR Swimming Trunk

2nd would be the Cycling Gears:

Giant OCR 3 2006 Model Sports Bike, 661 Cycling Off-road Cycling Shoes, Venzo Helmet, sleeveless Cycling Jersey (not my actual 1 but almost same color) & 2 pairs of Black cycling Tights.

3rd would be my Running Gears:

Timex Watch, Nike & Adidas Sleeveless Dri-Fit, Mizuno Running Tights, AdiZero, Ascis Gel, Saucony C2 Grid Roadster.

4th would be my Triathlon Race Gears:

Sugoi Tri Turbo Pants, Race Belt & Adidas Eyewear (how sad, I don't even have a proper Tri-Top for any of my races. The Blue Sleeveless Cycling Jersey does everything & Alse the White Nike Dri-Fit Top)

Well, all the above are the gears that I have for both Training & Racing. Seems nothing to be brag about, as that I'm not as stylo as most my triathlon friends, Cycling friends, Running friends. Oh well, any newer gears will only be in my wishlist for times to come.

New Bike, Proper Tri-Suit & Tri Top, Proper Roadie Shoes & Pedals, Much more Stylo Cycling Helmet, New Eyewear, & etc etc etc..........

Yeah, The list Grows!! haha!!

Well, I'll settle for these for the moment....

Donations anyone?..

Attempt or Do-Able?

Something came up in my mind, & I'd actually drafted out the plan, & now in the verge of packing stuff for the task that I have in mind.

Sat will be the deciding day. Just that Do I need support? I've not been doing anything SBR for the past 3 months!! An early morning 4km run also nearly took the life out from me!!!

So it is just an attempt or it is do-able?...


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cause of Pain!!

I'd decided to post this 1st before I manage to my will to post all about my trips during my long holiday about a weeks back. Just when I got back from my long holiday from work, I was loitering in office as per normal, no biggie & no big issue. However, due to a playful colleague of mine, decides to me an arse & went playing with the glass door in office, & my right foot was caught in between!

Immediately, I felt the weirdness in my right foot & for that moment, I told myself. Oh shoot! Here comes that freaky pain again. The next day, that stitching pain was back to haunt me!! Though the pain was back, but I can still manage to walk as per normal, still also manage to bent my toes up & down (unlike last time where my entire foot was swallowen!!). Applied some oilmen (Chinese medication stuff) & let it rest for a day. Thus, it got slightly worst the day after!! Well, it started to freak me out once more, & I decide to see some Chinese doctor to get some acupuncture, again... But I was out of luck!! It was a public holiday for Selangor & the clinic was CLOSED for 2 days!!

Then, I can say is, ARGH!! 2 miserable days of PAIN!!! But thank God I was with my brother & he had experiences like so, he recommended me to see another doctor (which was much much nearer to home that the 1st one). Lucky me, IT WAS OPEN!! Woohoo!! Went up the stairs, met up with the Chinese doctor, & immediately, she said (Yes, the doctor was a She), that there's blood clogged in your foot!! I was like "Huh??", before I could ask for any cure about it, she took out some weird device, & a rather large needle. Before I could react, she stuck the needles (Literally) 3 time on my foot!! I felt the pain for a bit & then she use that weird device & start sucking out the blood from the bottom my foot.

I could not see how it actually works, but what I heard from the doctor & my brother, the blood that got sucked out was much darker than the normal bleeding!! Proven, blood clog @ the ball of the foot, happens!!! It took only 5mins to get stucked with a needle & blood sucked out from the ball of the right foot, another 5mins to get some bandage with Chinese herbs on the right foot for the night & 6 Chinese medicine, it cost me RM65.00 for the whole commotion!! RM65!! DANG!!!

Oh well, immediately I felt that everything was relieved!! Gosh!! It really helps & works!! Guess that RM65 was worth spending after all :)

So leasson learnt, never leave injuries, especially werid ones unattended, as that it would really bite back hard!!

Runners beware, small pebbles & high impact to the ground may cause this!!
I'd experiences about it, NOT FUN AT ALL!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Long Annual Leave - Block Leave!!

Finally after a long waited since November 2009, it is the time!! Block Leave!! A whole 12days of HOLIDAY!! (Including weekends though :S)

But still 12 Days, where & what should I be doing? Had some plans in mind.
Head Down South, to visit some friends, & then back Home. Then Up North? Maybe?


Well, let's just see what's going on then :)

P/S: I just want to SKIP Trainings :P