Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All I Want For Christmas From Santa Is......

It's been 5 days late, Sigh.... Been awfully busy with work since that everyone in the office is on their year end leave.... But still Christmas is for 12days... I think that I can still wish for something, right?.... :P

Well, it is that time of the year once more. Each year, I'd always try to get me something, may it be small or meaningless. Just to get the festive season started on... (Silly huh?)

However, for this year, I'm getting & feeling very very greedy!! I don't have the sufficient $$ to get myself things like these. But all of them are already in my Wishlist!!! I sure hope that Santa can bring my gifts:

A New Racing Bike, A Black Carbon Bike, with a set of Black High profile Carbon Wheels, Ultegra SL Black Group Set, Carbon Pedals & New pair of Black Roadie Cycling Shoes, & a New Black Roadie Helmet.

New Cycling Jerseys & Pants

New Tri-suit, Tri Top.

New pair of Shades.

New Mobile Phone.

Additional Lens for my Camera (18 -105mm, 50mm, & maybe 70-300mm), Speedlite, a Pro Adapted for the camera body.

Finally, to hope that everything that has happened at home will all be sorted out. Everything is just not in place.

Oh well, all I can do is hope for...

Come on, even a guy can wish for something right?...


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