Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weird Injury??

14/11/2009, was the day that I decided to start training once more, preparing for any possible races to come on the Tarmac & for next year's Triathloan. Despite I'd decided to start training, yet I'm still having that small issue of getting up @ the most desired time @ 630am, yet I still got up @ 7am!! Dang, I'd once more FFK Kevin on the morning's run @ Bukit Aman's Double Hills.

Anyways, I still get my lazy butt up from the bed, clean up, change & drove to Lake Gardens (the usual parking spot) for a slow session of Double Hills. Upon reaching, I saw the CCS Tri Team members preparing for their bike session @ Double Hills!! Chit-chat with them for a while & off I went for @ 745am. Ran alone, quite interesting as that I can really pace myself & try to do some intervals. But the thing is that I'm losing the will to push myself. I'm quite sad to say that I did a 12km @ a 6min 30sec to 7 min pace. I was just trying to get me engine started for training.

However, along the Jalan Tunku (I think), there were a short stretch that pebbles were around the tarmac, I'd tried my best to dodge them, however 1 of them eludes me, & ended @ the bottom of my sole (shoe) & "hammered" the ball of my right foot. It hurt for abit, however then the pain just subsided. I was able to walk & run like normal for the whole Saturday.

But then, when Sunday Morning comes @ 7am, the pain was unbearable. It turned out to be i'm unable to bend my Big Toe properly, & then as the time goes by, the pain got worst!! By end's day, my right foot was swollen, & the pain, ARGH!!! Tried out with all the chinese medication, prescribe medication by pharmacy & even friends, still the pain does not subside.

Monday morning, the pain got WORST!! Can't really walk properly, need to limp around using walking stick, like some cripple. FOR ME IT IS VERY VERY SAD!!! Have to see doctors, & still unable to get everything right!! Endured the pain for Monday.

Tuesday Morning, only i'd decided to see a Chinese Doctor for acupuncture treatment on the right foot. Waited for 1hr 30mins before my turn, needles on the leg, pulse electric shock, & 20mins later, got out of the medical room, but the pain was even worst!!! Nearly cried out!!! Then went home, & got ankle wraps & bandages to warp the leg nicely & then went to work,
with walking stick of course. But 3 hrs later, the pain went slightly aways & the pain started to ease!! Wow!! It would seems that something done right for a change.

However, the pain is still AROUND!! How can I start my trainings once more?...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Powerman 2009 Sprint - New PB??

Powerman 2009, finally it is here. I'd been looking forward to do the Full Distance, however, due to me slacking for the past 5 weeks (with no sufficient mileage on the Bike & the Run), I'd decided to change to Sprint at the very last min. How I manage to do it & without losing any $$, is that I haven't pay during the initial registration. That's how I change from Full to Sprint. Sprint is half the distance & the max time needed to complete is @ 2 hrs 30mins.

Well, Sprint it is!! For this race, I'd already told my parents about it, & my dad replied me in a very interesting way, do you have a room for yourself? If so, bring me & mom along, support for abit & also take a look at how Lumut, Sitiawan looks like. The 1st thing that comes to my mind is, Hotel Room. I haven't book any rooms yet!! Dang!! Rushed Online & Started Calling every hotels in Seri Manjung, & finally manage to settle with Crystal Hotel @ Sitiawan. 5.78km away from Race course.

Reached the Stadium @ 645am, prep for the race, & then nature calls once more, rushed to the loo, tension released & the warm up session just before the race. I'd manage to see all of my training friends & buddies, photo taking session aka cam whoring, & for my personal favorite, both my parents came along with me for my Powerman Race. They are my loyal camera man & lady, & 2 cameras all for me & my frens!! Woohoo!! I was having such a great time with my friends & my family. But then time flies, & the next time I know would be RACE TIME!!

Start Off & The Run:
Time was 730am, flagged off for the Elites & the Age Groupers. 10 mins later @ 740am, Flagged off for the Relay Teams. Another 10 mins later, @ 750am, flagged off for the Sprint events (which was my category). All started well, while pacing with Ghani, tried level best to matach his speed, but he was indeed fast (after completing a 220km bike ride the day before). Almost nearing the half way mark for the 5.5km run, I started to push myself almost passing the redline, then Ghani told me to pace myself & take it easy, don't keep on trying to overtake as that there're 32km & 5km to go. I started to slow down the pace for a little, then Ghani dashed ahead, perhaps that I was too slow of a pacer for him, haha!!

Despite of that, I still manages to finish a 5.5km @ 28mins (Oh Yeah, I heard my mom & dad cheering hard for me when they saw me coming back from my run, inspiring indeed)

The Bike:
After the 1st 5.5km run, then back I was @ the transition area, breathing hard & suffering while preparing for my Sprint bike league @ 32km, & less that 1min40sec, I was off for my bike, however, just before mounting, I saw Ghani was like a couple of sec ahead of me, had to struggle for abit then took a banana, 2 cups of istonic drink, Saddle Up & off I went!! Not to forget to post abit bit for my dad with the camera as that he is the one running here & there, as for mom, she be the silent killer (reason being is that mom's having issues with her knees, recovering).

While on the bike, I knew that I could fly, which I did!! chased Ghani down for abit, but then stitching pain on the carfts, a clear sign of Cramping, the it came to me that I'd under prepared once more, by not bring an extra bottle of ORS mixture with Green Tea!! Freak!! I know that I'm going to suffer on the bike.

Just before everything comes to place, I witness a bike crash!! A malay participant (I believe that he was on Big Cranks & trying to gain his momentum, lost control of his bike & then crashed), even so, we are all glad that he did not sustain too much injury, scratches, bumps & bruises, but no broken bones (Thank God).

After sighting that incident, Ghani Crusied ahead of me as that I was starting to feel some cramps on the legs & he went ahead (It is a clear sign to me that I'm seriously under prepared for this event & I was glad that I changed to Sprint). However, something weird happened during the bike, I'm getting used to the pain from the Cramps, & I'm starting to increase my pace on the bike bit by bit, & the next thing I know is that I was pacing myself on flats @ 33kmph to 35kmph flat out!! I was spining comfortable & if i need to sprint ahead, I can still do so!!
Man, It Felt GREAT ON THE BIKE!!! (30% only to the 32km). Started to overtake back fast runners, on the 1st league, trying to determine how far away myself from the elites, which that I i was almost 1 lap behind them!!!

Finally reached the U-turn, & was excited to get myself a bottle of water (Cold Water), then there's this cyclist in front of my slowing down his pace & not sure what is he trying to do, nearly caused me to fell from my bike!! FREAK!! But I still manage to pull it off, & still get my bottle of water :). Then I told myself 16km more to go!! Held on hard & Bike On!!! Finally @ km 18 I caught up with Ghani, I was pacing him for abit, & then I dashed ahead, & the all the way ahead i went. On the Bike, it was indeed Fun!! @ about 1hrs 04mins, I was back @ transition area. Just before dismounting, I had a bad cramp, however, thank Goodness that everything went away just before I started my 2nd & final league of the race.

The Run (Last 5km):
Just before the run, I drank my ORS mixture, & off I went, yet again, just before I start my run, I had to drink 2 cups of isotonic drink & 2 cups of water just before I start my long & torturing 5km run. I could not open up my runing strike posture, as that I was in pain & very near in suffering from cramps once more. I have to almost power walk my 5km. But still I was a very comfortable pace, but the heat was indeed very very torturing!! Then again, that's what multi-sport is all about :)

Along the way, there are heaps of other Sprinters, which are suffering on the 2nd run, there are some suffered cramps & in need of medical attention, some really could not take the abuse & started walking, some really dead FAST!! After the 5.5km & 32 km, they can still RUN!!
Oh well, difference with proper training & under trained.

33mins later I was @ the finish line!! Man, the Pain & suffering was over!!

Total Clocked time @ 2hrs 12mins, compared to last year's 2hrs 32mins.
I believe a hold 15 to 20mins faster!! I guess that this would be my PB for Powermsn Sprint??

Next year, Sprint once more, but this time, PLACING!!

Thankz Mom, Thankz Dad for being the supporter in this race :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rainy & Slacking Season!!!

Boy, Oh Boy. I'd really been slacking. I'd yet to update any of my blogs since God knows when ago. I'd yet to be aggressively training since Desaru. Supposingly signed up for a Full Distance for Powerman 2009, & ended-up changing my categories to Sprint instead, due to no proper training on Bike (especially) & run (slacking).

Both of these discipline is not my strong events, swimiming I'm still ok with it, but I also think that I'm losing it as well. I hate the feeling of being lazy & slacking & unproductive! Tried to get back in line with the trainings but DANG!! Motivation has somehow eludes me since Desaru!!

Perhaps that I should join in with some Strong & Aggresive Triathlete's training regime, for me to gain back the motivation & the momentum.

Hmm... What shall I do then?...
I need some sign & something to point me in the right way....