Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weird Injury??

14/11/2009, was the day that I decided to start training once more, preparing for any possible races to come on the Tarmac & for next year's Triathloan. Despite I'd decided to start training, yet I'm still having that small issue of getting up @ the most desired time @ 630am, yet I still got up @ 7am!! Dang, I'd once more FFK Kevin on the morning's run @ Bukit Aman's Double Hills.

Anyways, I still get my lazy butt up from the bed, clean up, change & drove to Lake Gardens (the usual parking spot) for a slow session of Double Hills. Upon reaching, I saw the CCS Tri Team members preparing for their bike session @ Double Hills!! Chit-chat with them for a while & off I went for @ 745am. Ran alone, quite interesting as that I can really pace myself & try to do some intervals. But the thing is that I'm losing the will to push myself. I'm quite sad to say that I did a 12km @ a 6min 30sec to 7 min pace. I was just trying to get me engine started for training.

However, along the Jalan Tunku (I think), there were a short stretch that pebbles were around the tarmac, I'd tried my best to dodge them, however 1 of them eludes me, & ended @ the bottom of my sole (shoe) & "hammered" the ball of my right foot. It hurt for abit, however then the pain just subsided. I was able to walk & run like normal for the whole Saturday.

But then, when Sunday Morning comes @ 7am, the pain was unbearable. It turned out to be i'm unable to bend my Big Toe properly, & then as the time goes by, the pain got worst!! By end's day, my right foot was swollen, & the pain, ARGH!!! Tried out with all the chinese medication, prescribe medication by pharmacy & even friends, still the pain does not subside.

Monday morning, the pain got WORST!! Can't really walk properly, need to limp around using walking stick, like some cripple. FOR ME IT IS VERY VERY SAD!!! Have to see doctors, & still unable to get everything right!! Endured the pain for Monday.

Tuesday Morning, only i'd decided to see a Chinese Doctor for acupuncture treatment on the right foot. Waited for 1hr 30mins before my turn, needles on the leg, pulse electric shock, & 20mins later, got out of the medical room, but the pain was even worst!!! Nearly cried out!!! Then went home, & got ankle wraps & bandages to warp the leg nicely & then went to work,
with walking stick of course. But 3 hrs later, the pain went slightly aways & the pain started to ease!! Wow!! It would seems that something done right for a change.

However, the pain is still AROUND!! How can I start my trainings once more?...

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