Monday, September 28, 2009

Slow Weekend.

I'd officially let myself to be in a position of not productive in trainings. Reason being is that I'd to accompany a fellow friend of mine to check out the night life scenes in KL, since that he'd just being transferred to work here in KL from Johor. Mt friend is a true night life bugger, as that he can really drink, party & play till really late, which somehow did effect me very much with the usual weekend trainings & regime.

Friday Night, went to KL with my friend, had 3 beers each, & went home @ 330am. Resulted, unable to wake up for Saturday's Brick or Long Bike Ride. Totally knocked out from the outing @ Friday!!!

Saturday Night, did not manage to go anywhere, however, still feeling the effects from Friday, being restless & having a hard time sleeping. Ended up waking up 30mins later than I suppose to wake up, reached Bukit Aman @ 7am, & only manage to run a 10km double hill.

Monday morning, hard time waking up, & ended up calling in for EL of a Monday. Tried to find some company for loitering around, but failed miserably. Ended up watching "Gamer" alone (Movie not as what I expected, quite normal). Then, went Internet Cafe to re-visit my gaming part of life, went home @ 7pm, dinner. Showered, went out to DVD shop to buy some movies, 11pm went home suppose to rest, but ended up watching B13-Ultimatum.

DANG!!! Unproductive & slow weekend... ...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rainy Day...

During a rainy day, what do normal people do during such a cooling temperature? They sleep, obviously. As for me (& other triathletes), choose to be very much different. Woke up 530am on a Saturday Morning, just to get prepared a tentative 3-digit cycling scene from Fed Highway - Mex - Putrajaya - Dengkil - Sepang Central - KLIA (Optional) & back home, an estimation of more than 130km bike.

I'm not really fascinated about this ride, as that it seems something is off the grid. But still I saddled up @ 610am, from home & rode all the way to Fed Highway (in front of Kerinchi LRT Station). I waited for about 20mins, then the cycling train came along & away we went. Just as the cycling train reached the highway towards Cheras & turn off to MEX, it started to rain. Not just drizzling rain, but a heavy 1. Started to get really heavy & it got in to my mind that I'll need to turn back @ the Putrajaya Toll (won't want to get sick during my long holiday). Really uncomfortable as that everything is just wet!!

To make things worst, my cycling computer just fails on me (again) as that it is not reading any speed & distance, & all it can do is display time. Upon reaching the Putrajaya Toll, I estimate that I'd completed about 25 plus km & I decided to turn back. I tell myself, rather I force it all the way to KLIA, mind as well that I save it for Monday's Powerman Simulation.

I turned back @ that point. Cycled alone for the remaining 25 plus km back home. Rain was not sub-siding, it just kept on raining & raining. The scary part is that Pot-holes, slippery road conditions, & worst of all, I can't see properly on the tarmac ahead of me.

However, thank God that I'd manage to reach home in 1 piece.

Cleaned up, had breakfast & rest.

Although that it is a short 50plus km ride, it is still a great workout session.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prioritizing? Work, Training & Revenue Generation...

Prioritizing, had always been the issue for my part. I'd learn to manage my training schedule to be fairly effective for my part, however, it is not getting me in improving anyhow faster, as that Prioritizing is the word which is missing in my part of life. Prioritizing in my sense is also meant by planning & executing...

Ever since I'd started Triathlon back in October 2008 @ Desaru, I'd never looked back in terms of losing weight, getting myself to look better in clothes that I wear, ego boost, changes in physical, health, weight management & even mental endurance for the goals & obstacle ahead in life. I had felt it myself that I had change very much. Like a friend of my says: "You are now changing habits which had been following your since you were born, these habits had been with you for the past 2 decades. Do you think it is an easy task for you to change immediately?"...

Come to think about it, I totally agree with what this friend of mine said. I'd not really gave it a deep thought about it until today. Today, something came up & I now had a smacked in the head about the things that I should have been doing since my younger days, & now I'll be able to reap all the rewards from it. However, I'd never "Prioritize", "Plan" & "Execute" on all the things that I have in mind.

What had happened today I'll need to let it be by gone, & move ahead. However, I'd not manage to resolve it yet. I need some assistance from my brothers in this matter, as that they will need mine as well. I sure hope that they'd be able to assist me in this manner.

I'd told myself to start something new & change on who am I since the day I'd realize that I need a change in life, but "change" is also another issue here, as that currently I'm too comfortable in the state of life I am at.

I'm changing now officially, as that I have 1 whole year for me to change & to get all of the unnecessary things sorted. Time to Prioritize, Plan & Execute. The 1st thing that I'm going to prioritize would be work & training. Plan for it in the most effective & efficient schedule that suit me, & then execute it. Have to also learn the best way to get rid of my Lazy Bug Syndrome...

I seriously need help in this matter. As much help as I can get to help me to overcome this syndrome...

At the same time, I'll be starting something new for myself & also others, both old & new friends....... Stay Tuned... :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Road to Powerman 2009

I'd already started to train for Powerman 2009, as that I need to concerntrate more on both the bike & run. I'm finally getting the hang of cycling once more. New regime to workout on the bike is really helping on both cycling & running.

This time really amp'ing up on the mileage, endurance & mental training. I won't want the say thing to happen back in Desaru, as to suffer badly for the completion. To be worst off, Powerman 2009 has a time limit @ 5hrs cut off time. This time, I'd really need to train better & more effective. Also need to manage my schedule as well.

Oh well, after today's 110km ride, from Home - Fed highway - Mex - Putrajaya - Sepang Central & back @ 110km. Really bonk'ed out. However, I still finish fresh. Tired now, count not sleep, & restless. Really "hantam" hard on the bike :)

Tomorrow morning 630am @ 10 / 15 / 20km run. Run, run & run...

There's a movie saying which really fit my description @ Run Fat Boy, Run!!! Insipiring movie. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Slacking off in Training, since Desaru

Oh Dear Lord. I'd been slacking off with training since the completion of Desaru 2009. I'd only manage to do 2 session (1 bike & 1 run) on a weekly basis. Working is starting to get really really unreasonable with the working hours, as that it is taking more of the after w0rking hours. Pressure's building here & there. I can still cope with the fact that work is building up & I am doing my level best to catch up, since that there'll be no races till end of October 2009 & Beginning of Nov 2009.

I'd also manage to check with some of the triathletes aka training groups, as that they too had been slacking since Desaru, some of them said that it is really been the off season for Triathletes & Multi-sports man/woman. No running races, no biathalon races, no cycling races, no swimathon, no duoathlon & etc etc etc. Even the long awaited Perhentian Island Challenge 2009 does not seems to be updating in the registration & also the possible starting of the event.

Hmm. Guess that the onlu race to be looking forward now would be the Mizuno Wave Run 2009. Better start giving myself an excuse to train for this 10km run. I won't want to finish this race @ a miserable time & also got "arse-kicked" by new runners.

Oh well, Time to hit the tracks & also LSD. Swimming & Cycling too will have to come in place. Busy Busy Busy......