Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rainy Day...

During a rainy day, what do normal people do during such a cooling temperature? They sleep, obviously. As for me (& other triathletes), choose to be very much different. Woke up 530am on a Saturday Morning, just to get prepared a tentative 3-digit cycling scene from Fed Highway - Mex - Putrajaya - Dengkil - Sepang Central - KLIA (Optional) & back home, an estimation of more than 130km bike.

I'm not really fascinated about this ride, as that it seems something is off the grid. But still I saddled up @ 610am, from home & rode all the way to Fed Highway (in front of Kerinchi LRT Station). I waited for about 20mins, then the cycling train came along & away we went. Just as the cycling train reached the highway towards Cheras & turn off to MEX, it started to rain. Not just drizzling rain, but a heavy 1. Started to get really heavy & it got in to my mind that I'll need to turn back @ the Putrajaya Toll (won't want to get sick during my long holiday). Really uncomfortable as that everything is just wet!!

To make things worst, my cycling computer just fails on me (again) as that it is not reading any speed & distance, & all it can do is display time. Upon reaching the Putrajaya Toll, I estimate that I'd completed about 25 plus km & I decided to turn back. I tell myself, rather I force it all the way to KLIA, mind as well that I save it for Monday's Powerman Simulation.

I turned back @ that point. Cycled alone for the remaining 25 plus km back home. Rain was not sub-siding, it just kept on raining & raining. The scary part is that Pot-holes, slippery road conditions, & worst of all, I can't see properly on the tarmac ahead of me.

However, thank God that I'd manage to reach home in 1 piece.

Cleaned up, had breakfast & rest.

Although that it is a short 50plus km ride, it is still a great workout session.

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