Monday, September 28, 2009

Slow Weekend.

I'd officially let myself to be in a position of not productive in trainings. Reason being is that I'd to accompany a fellow friend of mine to check out the night life scenes in KL, since that he'd just being transferred to work here in KL from Johor. Mt friend is a true night life bugger, as that he can really drink, party & play till really late, which somehow did effect me very much with the usual weekend trainings & regime.

Friday Night, went to KL with my friend, had 3 beers each, & went home @ 330am. Resulted, unable to wake up for Saturday's Brick or Long Bike Ride. Totally knocked out from the outing @ Friday!!!

Saturday Night, did not manage to go anywhere, however, still feeling the effects from Friday, being restless & having a hard time sleeping. Ended up waking up 30mins later than I suppose to wake up, reached Bukit Aman @ 7am, & only manage to run a 10km double hill.

Monday morning, hard time waking up, & ended up calling in for EL of a Monday. Tried to find some company for loitering around, but failed miserably. Ended up watching "Gamer" alone (Movie not as what I expected, quite normal). Then, went Internet Cafe to re-visit my gaming part of life, went home @ 7pm, dinner. Showered, went out to DVD shop to buy some movies, 11pm went home suppose to rest, but ended up watching B13-Ultimatum.

DANG!!! Unproductive & slow weekend... ...

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