Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rainy & Slacking Season!!!

Boy, Oh Boy. I'd really been slacking. I'd yet to update any of my blogs since God knows when ago. I'd yet to be aggressively training since Desaru. Supposingly signed up for a Full Distance for Powerman 2009, & ended-up changing my categories to Sprint instead, due to no proper training on Bike (especially) & run (slacking).

Both of these discipline is not my strong events, swimiming I'm still ok with it, but I also think that I'm losing it as well. I hate the feeling of being lazy & slacking & unproductive! Tried to get back in line with the trainings but DANG!! Motivation has somehow eludes me since Desaru!!

Perhaps that I should join in with some Strong & Aggresive Triathlete's training regime, for me to gain back the motivation & the momentum.

Hmm... What shall I do then?...
I need some sign & something to point me in the right way....

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