Saturday, September 12, 2009

Road to Powerman 2009

I'd already started to train for Powerman 2009, as that I need to concerntrate more on both the bike & run. I'm finally getting the hang of cycling once more. New regime to workout on the bike is really helping on both cycling & running.

This time really amp'ing up on the mileage, endurance & mental training. I won't want the say thing to happen back in Desaru, as to suffer badly for the completion. To be worst off, Powerman 2009 has a time limit @ 5hrs cut off time. This time, I'd really need to train better & more effective. Also need to manage my schedule as well.

Oh well, after today's 110km ride, from Home - Fed highway - Mex - Putrajaya - Sepang Central & back @ 110km. Really bonk'ed out. However, I still finish fresh. Tired now, count not sleep, & restless. Really "hantam" hard on the bike :)

Tomorrow morning 630am @ 10 / 15 / 20km run. Run, run & run...

There's a movie saying which really fit my description @ Run Fat Boy, Run!!! Insipiring movie. :)

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