Friday, September 4, 2009

Slacking off in Training, since Desaru

Oh Dear Lord. I'd been slacking off with training since the completion of Desaru 2009. I'd only manage to do 2 session (1 bike & 1 run) on a weekly basis. Working is starting to get really really unreasonable with the working hours, as that it is taking more of the after w0rking hours. Pressure's building here & there. I can still cope with the fact that work is building up & I am doing my level best to catch up, since that there'll be no races till end of October 2009 & Beginning of Nov 2009.

I'd also manage to check with some of the triathletes aka training groups, as that they too had been slacking since Desaru, some of them said that it is really been the off season for Triathletes & Multi-sports man/woman. No running races, no biathalon races, no cycling races, no swimathon, no duoathlon & etc etc etc. Even the long awaited Perhentian Island Challenge 2009 does not seems to be updating in the registration & also the possible starting of the event.

Hmm. Guess that the onlu race to be looking forward now would be the Mizuno Wave Run 2009. Better start giving myself an excuse to train for this 10km run. I won't want to finish this race @ a miserable time & also got "arse-kicked" by new runners.

Oh well, Time to hit the tracks & also LSD. Swimming & Cycling too will have to come in place. Busy Busy Busy......

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