Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Equipments & Gears

Come to think of it, its already been 1 year since my very 1st Triathlon event back in 2008 @ Desaru. Boy, that memory still lives deep & refreshing each & everytime it think about it. :)

Since that today is yet another unproductive day for myself in office (just before I forced myself into my office working mode) I'd decide to post this post about the equipments & gears that I'd been using for both my training & racing for the past 1 year. I was quite surprises that without "Chun" Bike, Stylo Cycling Gears, Stylo Tri Gears, Stylo Running Appearls & Stylo Swim Gears, I think that I'd really come quite a long way till today.

1st Lets introduce the Swim Wear & Gears:
TYR Goggles

TYR Swimming Trunk

2nd would be the Cycling Gears:

Giant OCR 3 2006 Model Sports Bike, 661 Cycling Off-road Cycling Shoes, Venzo Helmet, sleeveless Cycling Jersey (not my actual 1 but almost same color) & 2 pairs of Black cycling Tights.

3rd would be my Running Gears:

Timex Watch, Nike & Adidas Sleeveless Dri-Fit, Mizuno Running Tights, AdiZero, Ascis Gel, Saucony C2 Grid Roadster.

4th would be my Triathlon Race Gears:

Sugoi Tri Turbo Pants, Race Belt & Adidas Eyewear (how sad, I don't even have a proper Tri-Top for any of my races. The Blue Sleeveless Cycling Jersey does everything & Alse the White Nike Dri-Fit Top)

Well, all the above are the gears that I have for both Training & Racing. Seems nothing to be brag about, as that I'm not as stylo as most my triathlon friends, Cycling friends, Running friends. Oh well, any newer gears will only be in my wishlist for times to come.

New Bike, Proper Tri-Suit & Tri Top, Proper Roadie Shoes & Pedals, Much more Stylo Cycling Helmet, New Eyewear, & etc etc etc..........

Yeah, The list Grows!! haha!!

Well, I'll settle for these for the moment....

Donations anyone?..

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