Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memory Flash Back...

As usual I'd always have the tendency of turning on my PC whenever I got home from work, from outing or even I have nothing to do, & the usual routine is, Firefox, MSN, & then Windows Media Player. MSN for chatting & disturbing, Media Player is to keep me entertained, & FB is just a loitering place.

Today, it is no different. But in FB something really made my day. A friend of mine, Esther Yap (Secondary & Uni Junior of mine) posted an album "Nostalgic New Zealand 04", & she tagged me in of her photos. When I took a look at the photos, I was like "stunned" & got the shocked of my life. Looking back to the photos, I'd really came a long way since then. Back in 2004, I was already a "round dude", & imagine back in August 2008 I was even rounder (ask Lydia Tan, & those PIC 08 Participants, I was @ 85kgs back then, now 15kgs lesser). But the main point is that not of the weight, but of the memories that the photos reminded me.

As I was glancing through her photo album in FB, I too was browsing back to my own photos collections back in 2004. It was really inspiring & really brings back all the memories from the past. From happy ones to sad one, from sweet ones to bitter ones, from excitement one to boring ones. All of it, & somehow i'm getting all emotional & excited about it. Never had these kind of feelings before. Hmm... Interesting...

Oh well, since that everyone (I think everyone) is back in KL, all i have to do is to organize a get together event, & all is good. Get to revisit all the memories again.

Can't wait till July where most of them are back from working abroad... Seriously, can't wait..

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