Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Slow Track Works...

Reason being for another slow track work is because of my shins, especially the right shin. Feeling very stiff & also pain during the start of any distance run, but it gets lesser when the mileage comes (because other parts of the body, especially the legs are in pain). Well, this round, Coach only required me to do a slow & easy grass field run again. But this time @ 30mins. After that, I'm done. No solid ground 300m, 600m or 800m pacing speed run.

I know my body & I believe Coach knows the pain that I'm feeling as well, that's why I'm given a slow run session, rather than a hard 1. Although that I would love to do the Hard Run, but I do also need to listen to my body, especially my legs. Won't want to hurt myself before SCKLM. Although that I'm not aiming for anything, just that I don't know why, I'm kind of taking SCKLM quite seriously. As in wanted to finish the Half Marathon & still look fresh & go do what I do best, be the "annoying" thing disturbing others. One of the reason is that, but the main reason is that, this is my very 1st Half Marathon run, & I'd not a runner (Just started running since Oct 2008 - in preparation for Powerman 2008).

For me, to be able to accomplish a Half Marathon, it is very very satisfiying achievement, :)

Oh yeah, this time, the running group suddenly becomes HUGE!! There was, Carrie, Myself, Mich, IronBee Jie Jie, Tomatoman, Dr. Rum, Purrjen & Coach!! Gosh!!! 1st time man....
THG is really coming back into action already...

Can't wait for the weekend for the last couple of LSD runs, before tapering down for the SCKLM!!...

Run, Run, Run & Run!!!

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