Monday, June 15, 2009

Recovery Track Works...

Tuesday, 5am the phone alarm went off, I lazed still on my bed (As I'm having a restless night, not being able to sleep well, for the too heavy dinner) till 530am, & got off bed. With my lazy feet & body, i dragged myself to the closet, & walk downstairs sleepiness to clean-up, pack-up & "slap" myself to wake-up & drove all the way to Kg Pandan Track & Field Stadium for the usual track works.

Upon reaching (Oh great, I'm 20mins later than usual, 620am reach the stadium), I can already see Coach Tony is stretching with Carrie, after the usual grass field slow jog @ 5rounds for warm-up. Then I knew, I was late!! FREAK!! Anyways, I'd prep'ed myself & then went straight to the grass field & started off with my warm-ups. 5 Rounds of slow jog as required. Then, I did my own warm-up stretching & routine. Finishing that, then comes the drills.

1st Drill was 5 x 300m @ 100m break endurance run, with the last 100m opening up for momentum. Before starting this routine, I was telling Coach that my right shin is suffering some pain, as that I'm very worried for a Shin Splints, too fast too soon on intensity & impact. Very worried as SCKLIM is just 2 weeks away!! But still, Coach expressed concern about it, & I decided to try out for the 1st 3 sets. Guess what, I manage to finish all 5 sets of them. Cool!! But indeed will pay the price for over-training / over-worked the shin. Will then massage the shin with oilment & counterpain to relieve the pain. (Sure hope it will work).

I thought that the 2nd Drill will surely put a toll in my body, & guess what, 6 sets of Hour-Glass run @ the Grass Field with Mich & IronBee Jie Jie (Thank God for that, as that I get to still run my heart out @ a much much softer ground). I was indeed great to run with the IronLadies (Both of them Ironman 2009 Finishers). They kept me motivated & controlled my pace & speed. Such dependable training partners & friends :). During the Grass Field drills, Then comes Dr. Rum, to kick start his very 1st Track works with us. So happy to see him training again (As that he will be leaving for HK for his job requires him to be station there permenantly). Dr. Rum is really the speedy gonzales of THG (President as well), Man, he can really really run!!!

Oh yeah, not to forget about Carrie, had not been writing about her 1st track works as well. I can see from far, her 1st ever Track works is a real torture for her. She is having a issues to get her heart rate to recovered with only 200m of resting period before the next set of 600m Track works. Also from a far, can really see that Carrie is a true & pure breed Heel-Striker Runner. Man, she really need to change this running style if she is to improve & also to minimize the risk of injuries on her hips, knees, ankles, shin & etc. Well, I'd already highlighted to Coach, I believe that he will be able to talk & train her out of this. :)

Oh yeah, upon finishing all the drills, & cooling down from the run, Oh My God!! It is already 735am!! SHOOT!! I'm gonna be late for work!! With the fastest showering speed & changing of clothes, I'd manage to leave the Stadium & travel to office by 740am. (Phew, Still make it). Even though the speed was that fast still the Morning Traffic in Malaysia is REALLY A PAIN!!!...

Despite saving all the showering & changing time, I still can only reach office by 830am!! A whole 50mins of traveling time!! Compared to last week, it only took me 20mins to reach office from Kg Pandan, KL to Wisma LYL, PJ.

Sigh, what to do about KL's traffic...

Have to really reflect on what are we not doing to make this a better place to stay.

Oh well, today's training is really a fun thing to do & will look forward for tonight's PCC Tuesday usual 26km Ride. :) Woohoo!! Cycling Again!!...

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