Sunday, June 14, 2009

Suffering 20km... Dang!!!

Sunday, the last day of the week (differs, as to some is the 1st day of the week, for me is Last Day of the week), supposing to be the best day of the entire week for everyone right? Sunday means sleeping long long hours, go dating with loved ones ("Paktor" for Boy-Girl friends), spend time with family & the list goes on & on. For me, it is always been the usual (ever since that I'd made the decision to focus on my run this year), LSD run at the usual spot, Bkt Aman.

In the past, the usual suspects of mine is Lydia Tan (the Bossy Princess Training Partner), but it would seems that ever since when Bernard is bring her to all to the off-road thingy (Xterra, MTB & Camping), my time & company had been some how... Hmm, I don't know, "minimize"? But anyways, since Lydia is not around anymore these days for me to disturb, then guess that I'll need to go "disturb" other unlucky people around, sigh. For this week, the most unlucky friend of mine is Carrie. She wanted to run soooo bad till it worries me about her getting injuries on her legs. But still, regardless of anything, Sunday (Today) is my LSD training after 2 session of Track Works, it is time to gain & pump up the mileage once more. Today is a wonderful day, Haze's almost gone, Woohoo!!! Lovely day to run hard, strong & 70% race pace.

Woke up 530am (Morning call from Carrie @ 5am), prep'ed & then drove to Pandan Perdana to pick up Carrie & the off we went to Bkt Aman. Reached Bkt Aman @ 630am. Upon reaching the car park, all the runners had officially left the meeting point (ARGH!! Late once again!!!) After 5mins of scouting, finally managed to parked the car. Suit up (wear shoes) quick & fast warm-up & off we (Carrie & I) went. Not aiming to chase anyone or anything, we started slow & 50% effort & @ a much faster cadence on the running momentum. I have a slow & steady start (@ my pace of course). I was maintaining my pace, while giving encouragement & motivation to Carrie (only for the 1st 15km). Then, I just went on with my own pace & momentum, of course, I'd always turn back or look back to spot & check up on Carrie. With some resting time & moments in between, I was able to reach Hartamas Petronas in 63mins. @ the 70mins Carrie reach.

I was pacing @ a very very comfortable pace. Along the way, I was very fresh, happy & even Loud!!! During the entire 1st 10km, I manage to see heaps of training friends like Mich, IronBee Jie Jie, Dr. Ray, Matoman, the Legendary Ultraman Steven Yip, Lee & Wife, John & Wai Mun, Debbie, Pathma, & most respectable runner Master Ngae @ his recovery run (with his harmonica). I was really enjoying my 1st league of the run. But then, due to waiting for Carrie & for her safety as well, I rested for almost 13mins. After that rest, when resuming the run back to Bkt Aman Carpark, I can somehow feel the fatigue, but I can still bare with it. But when I'd almost reach the government building off Jalan Duta, my worst enemy, HUNGER, came in action to further demotivate & distrupt me momentum & pace. GOSH!!! I'm totally running @ negative glucose level & burning insulators. MY GOD!!! It was suffering!!!! It was sooo annoying till I have to walk the last 2km back, which is something I'm not proud of!!! FREAK!!!

This run, me & Carrie left out the most important thing is to bring money for emergency & to get food if hungry. Still thank God for the tap water along the way for a fast & quick splash & refill of water bottle, for me to survive this 20km. I can always finish 20km, but my greatest enemy is HUNGER!!! Lesson learnt for today is, eat something light & bring some money during LSD, just in case of hunger & in need of food. Best finishing time for 20km(training @ 2hrs), today's 20km to me is a serious disappointment (training @ 2hrs 35mins) MAN!!! It is really slow!!! Oh well, when I reached my car, the 1st thing for me to do is the POWERBAR!!! Goodness, it was soo delicious!!!! Re-energize, waited for Carrie to return to the car, cooldown & stretching after the run & then Shower!!!

After shower, I was Choi CC (Saucony guy), he brought the C2 Roadster shoes for me to try out!!, he permits me to test it for a split sec. MAN!!! It felt really really good!!! Decided to get this shoe & give it a try, as that my old Ascis is almost @ its life span @ the sole, will repair it for track works, alternating with the Adidas. Gosh!! Can't wait to get my 1st pay cheque from my new company & spend it on the shoe. All had been planned & drafted out, I have the extra to spend for the shoe (including expenses, commitment payoff, money for home & savings).

Gosh!! Excited about the shoe!!!

Then went branch @ Chinese Village with Team THG & then Time Square for Movie & then Home, FB, edit photos & till now.

I'm soooo tired!!!!!

Time to crash!!! Till my new week's training menu's out.... Peace!!!

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