Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Track Works... Nice!!!

After 2 weeks of not being able to get up from bed to join Coach Tony, Mich & IronBee Jie Jie for their usual Tuesday & Thursday Morning 630am track works training on running, finally, this lovely morning @ 530am I actually manage to get out of bed, prepared all my running gears, office attire, water bottle, shampoo & soap, & all the necessity for after training's clean up section.

Like I said, I woke up @ 530am, lazed around in bed & then actually got out of bed & prep. Then, wished my mom good morning, & tell her that i'll go to work straight after training, & I'm off to Kg Pandan Track & Field Stadium. Early morning drive is really interesting, as that most of the people are sound asleep, enjoying their best moment of their hibernation period, & I'm driving all the way from PJ to KL just to train. Cool huh?... :)

Reach the stadium @ 615am (only 15mins of driving from PJ to KL without jam, Interesting right), reluctantly I put on my running shoe (AdiZero Racer), while I was just about to get on the track to do my own warm-ups, I as Mich arriving in her CLK (Cute Little Kelisa), greeted her & then talk talk abit before IronBee Jie Jie arrive as well, the lastly following by Coach Tony. Went in Straight to the track, did a 5 loop slow jog in the grass field, & then my training menu started.

My drills are very simple (Yeah, Right) 1st off, as appetizer 3 laps of 50m dash & slow jog back to starting point, after that, the comes straight the "main course" 600m run @ maintaining pace @ 3mins pace for 5 sets, & happily I was running my 1st set @ a 2mins35sec pace (very smart), as the set started to count, so did my time, from 2mins35sec till I think I finish my last set @ 3min15sec pace (FREAK!! No consistency!. Man, I am really feeling all of my "dinner" from last night (wanted to puke dy), I can't even talk properly. FREAK!!! After the 600m set, I was given a short 5 mins break (400m slow run), & the 2nd "main course" was 300m dash with 100m recovery. PLEASE!! Can anyone murder me!!! Really taking a toll in the body.After all that, then comes "Dessert", another 3 laps 50m dash to finish today's training & then warm-down, before heading for the showers.

In total, I'd done track works training @ 3km pacing works, 600m dashing & then 3 laps of 100m dash. To sum it up, 3.7km total of Speedworks & Sprint!!! Man, I'm losing my mind. HAHAHA!!

After that, Cleaned up & then rushed to work in PJ!!.. Cool huh?... Haha!!!

Oh yeah, later tonight I'll be cycling @ PCC's TTDI 26km route, hope to really WHACK!!!...

Will then post about it, in terms of the body condition..

WOOHOO!! Training is FUN!!! YEAH!!!

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