Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shape & Men's Health Run 2009

After PD OD Tri 09, this is indeed was my 1st tarmac run race since then. Laid off the bike, run & swim for the past week, & the Shape & Men's Health Run 2009 was the 1st ever training that I started just 1 week before Desaru Longest Triathlon 2009.

The run was an easy 11.5km run. Started @ 8pm & ended around 11pm (The Event). All started with the nice goodie bags that the organizers gave out that tempted me to sign up. :P With only RM30, all participants gets a goodie bag worth RM300 (as the organizer claims). The list of the Goodie Bag:
• A Men's Health bag
• A Runner’s Tee** from Reebok worth RM79
• 2 pouches of Nature Valley® Crunchy Granola Bars
• 1901 Soakin’ Ted (great size)
• A Fitness Concept Microfibre Towel worth RM26
• Clear Men 85ml Shampoo
• Clear Anti-Dandruff 85ml Shampoo
• Shokubutsu Body Shower Foam Active Sports 180ml
• Fresh & White Fresh Blast Toothpaste 30g
• Bion 3 Probiotic Multivitamins Minerals worth RM45
• Naturale Choice Veggie Snack
• Care Condom 3-piece pack
• Kenko 30mins Fish Spa Voucher worth RM38
• 7-UP Revive 325ml • Bleu Mineral Water 600ml
• TruDtox Tea Bag • Nuvafemme 10’s
• Cartilamine Glucosamine Sulphate Tablets 10’s
• Clark Hatch 1-Week Free Trial Pass

Check out the list of the goodies that registered Participants will get. :D That's what tempted me to sign up for this run. It is not a race, but more like a leisure session for runners. I know my speed, I'm the 60min or longer finisher & I'll always finish the race with the majority of participants. No stress & no expectations. Just run, pace myself & not stopping in between & most of all, annoy others, cheer for others & also to HAVE RUN!!!...

Supposing to car pool with Tomatoman, but his car is full & I'd let Bernard & Lydia know about the race & Tomatoman is driving & he is able to give up a lift but ended up his car is already with 4 peeps including himself, excluding me. If I ride with them, Bernard & Lydia will have to go on their own. Hmm. I was thinking, since that I'd told them about it, mind as well I roll with them in 1 car to Putrajaya instead. Decided, told Tomatoman, & notified Lydia & Bernard, changed, brought clean clothes, & shower items & off I went to meet up Bernard & Lydia. Me & Bernard plotted & "conned" Lydia to drive her Convertible Volkswagon Golf GTI (the older version) out to Putrajaya. Convertible man, why not. :D

Left from Gasing to Putrajaya @ 6pm, sped all the way to Putrajaya (Lydia demostrating & showing us how fast she can drive on that 1.8cc small car on Highway). Reached there in about 40mins, it was kind of fast & cool (without the roof down, 6pm, BLOODY HOT). Parked, prep'ed & went looking for Coach for my bibs. Once had it, I ate my own Granola Bar & waited for the run to start. The worst part of any races or events is always the waiting part. Waited for almost a whole full 2hrs before the Race Started!!!

During the waiting period, I was loitering around, meeting up with friends, chilling out with team THG, newly met friends met @ MUDS, Uniten. Crap for bit, see how Michelle Looi did her hulla-hoops from a-far, & watch Bernard demo his version of hulla-hoop, Macho Style, HAHA!!!
Then the announcers voiced out "REPORTING FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS, GROUP A, B & C TO THE STARTING LINE!!" Then I'd told myself, FINALLY!!! RUNNING TIME!! Upon reporting, it is so bad that the organizers forbits participants with only 1 bibs from entering the starting line. Bernard & Lydia was one of those smart runner that brought only pinned 1 bib instead of 2, Bernard nearly got into a big fight with the marshals & with his usual "Serious" face, he & Lydia went back all the way to the car to grab their other bib, while I was waited alone in the starting line for the run to start.

During the wait for the flag off for the run, I saw Pathma, Lee, Yan, Kam, Hoo Yeen, & some other frens, played for abit, took some photos, annoy as much people as possible, & then the way we go, the start of the long, hot & DANG Loads of SYT run. HAHA!!!

Started off with a slow & seemingly warm-up like run, casually ran for about 1km, then decided to start over-taking, Pathma, Yan & Myself, started to over-take runners, after 3km down the run, the course seems to be more easier to run @ as heaps of 1st timer are falling back. Happily we went, 1st comes the bridge facing PICC, the the PICC Hills, & then the bridge facing PICC again, I'd messed up my pace on the PICC hills, as was playing with Bernard on the uphill (Wrong Move!!) & then started to run at a slower pace, with Yan as my pacer for the the rest of the way (about 6 - 7km). Saw Selon after the the return journey from the PICC Bridge, with Lydia & Bernard just 5 runners distance ahead of me & Yan. We took it slowly & paced each other, & as we ran & paced one & other, we also started to over taking other runners, & as we ran, the pace was getting much & much comfortable & also gradually, we can TALK!! Woohoo!!!

Sign boards was really annoying, as it started to count down from 5km to go till 1km to go. DANG!! However, as we ran, there was this Bib number B2031, she was running ahead of us, & then she walked & ran, walked & ran for quite a few times. To be honest, Yan & I was totally bring attracted by her, from back, she looked very nice indeed. When we overtook her, & we looked back, GOOD GRACIOUS GOD!! She was a cutie!! Man, Yan & I told ourselves, Our Run had officially being made!! B2031 Really Made our run such & all the meaningful 1 :D

However, regardless how cute she was, good things rarely lasted. As our pace was constant & her's was not, for only 1.5km on the course we manage to check her out from back to front & from front to back, finally, we had to overtake her & continued our pace. DANG!! Just that I did not lose out totally, I'd cheered her for a bit & motivated her for bit just before Yan & I paced away from her. :( Come to think of it I should have ask her to run with us @ our pace!! FREAK!! :(

Oh well, let by gones be by gones... Moving ahead, after about 30 odd mins, we'd finally reached the Finish Line. I told Yan that I wanted to take it easy, once see the Finish Line, we'd decided to dash for abit, just an easy 1, crossed the finish line... 11.5km done, an easy 65mins finishing (Estimating Time).

Still, sigh, No photographer Friends around, no finishing Photos, yet again. FREAK!!!

Oh well, after the run, I tooked my shower, get on to Lydia's Ride & home we went. Got lost for abit in Putrajaya, because trying to figure out the way to MEX Highway, after 30mins of speeding around Putrajaya & don't know how we somehow ended @ Salak Tinggi, finally we manage to find our way to MEX. Paid RM2.50 & another 30min or so, & we'd reached Gasing. Had a Late Late Dinner cum supper @ Pandi's, Banana Leaf Dinner worth RM8.80, 12:15 am got back to my car, & home I went.

Loiterred in front my laptop for abit, & "Pengsan" terus!!

Then this morning, IT'D RAIN!!! I'd then decided to continue my sleep rather that Putrajaya Mini Tri. Rest is also essential. HAHA!!!

Boy, Oh Boy... Lazy me...

Despite of my winding about the completion of Desaru, I'm LAZY TO TRAIN!!..
DANG!! If I'd suffer big time in Desaru, "Padan Muka" Bobby!!!


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