Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Something In Mind...

After the Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010, something kept me thinking and running in my mind. Why do I do all these, Long Distance Running, Cycling, Swimming & Multi-sports? What is the reason behind it? All I felt after any events are just pure pain & fatigue!! Nothing more!! Though that somethings like these kept popping in my mind, the negative ones, still there are great philosophies behind all of these pain and suffering.

By doing all these sports, I only manage to discover 1 philosophy in my life, that is I'm doing all of these for my own, & for no one else... Why would someone change their life long comfortable lifestyle & to take up sports that requires constant and discipline in it's weekly training & workout? Is it for someone else or for their own? I don't know about others, but to me, at first when I started take up sports, is to lose weight so that I can like myself more & "gals" will like me (Bleh). But then, as times goes by, I was being enlighten by my own thoughts during the long hours in training (Run, Bike & Swim - it is PAINFUL, and takes up Long Hours), I do not need to change for anyone else (gals), I do all of these is for my own benefits. As long as I like myself, show the confident & I'm all good for myself.

Moreover, after all these pain & suffering, recovery from the pain are getting much faster, as that my body is adapting to all impact, pounding & even endurance. Distance are getting long (bit by bit), building power in boost for slight advantage & etc etc etc... This really increase & boosting up self-esteem & confidence. If sports can make my feel like so, why won't other see this in me or in any other sports person?

Hmm...... Just my thoughts.....

P/S: Abu Sofian (Ironman Finisher), your accomplishments @ lowering 40kgs is the best inspiration of all time!! You The Man!!!

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